What is Mentorship?


The first step in moving out of the Ordinary World and into the Special World is known as Crossing the First Threshold.

At this point the Hero (you) has been shown that there is more to life than what you have experienced. You have to come to an understanding that although you may not live in the Special World, it exists and that realization fills you with fear and longing in equal measure.

Unfortunately, mere awareness isn't enough to pull the hero from the Ordinary World into the Special one. Crossing the First Threshold is often the hardest part of the journey, but of course it must be crossed in order for the story to advance you must take the hardest step, the first step, in order to move forward in your development.

In many cases, the idea of moving past the familiar and into the unknown is too great and leads to Refusal of the Call.

At that point, the Hero Requires Something Or Someone To Help Him Get Over The Proverbial Hump. It is no surprise that stage often overlaps with another extremely important event: Meeting with the Mentor. At Aristocrat we offer you Mentorship to make you a ‘’HERO’’.

Here are some of the remarkable work in History of television achieved through Mentorship:

Movie Hero Mentor
The Sword in the Stone Arthur Pendragon Merlin
Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins Gandalf
Star Wars: A New Hope Luke Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi
Harry Potter Harry Potter Professor Albus Dumbledore
Rocky Rocky Balboa Mickey Goldmill
Jerry Maguire Jerry Maguire Dicky Fox

It should come as no surprise that mentors play a role in creating a better life. Almost every successful person has a mentor, and the mentor model or wise man appears with the hero in nearly every story you've ever heard, from antiquity to pop culture; * in fact, it's so familiar that it's sometimes easy to overlook just how ubiquitous it is. Just to drive home how important it is for a hero to have a mentor to guide him on his quest, we've compiled a list of examples from some of the most popular books and movies of our time.

Movie Hero Mentor
The Phantom Menace Obi-Wan Kenobi Qui-Gonn Jinn
Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker Darth Sidious
A New Hope Luke Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi
The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker Master Yoda

You have a very clear idea that what you're doing isn't working. People want change, and they look for it. But when a new reality doesn't immediately resonate, it's met with resistance. When something is too different from what they were doing, it can make the idea of evolution too unrealistic.

The only way to resolve that is to not think about the method or the process. The only way that you can resolve this issue is to believe it. And the only way to believe it is to stop thinking about what you're doing and to start focusing on who you're trusting.

Ultimately, trusting your guide gets you over the hump, and finding a guide you can trust is the key. You don't need to believe the method at first. What you need to believe is that your mentor knows more than you do and that he has your best interests at heart. If you can come to that point, then you don't have to understand the process. You don't need to "get" the Force. All of that can be taught. What can't be taught is overcoming mental hurdles. That can only be resolved with trust.

If you trust us, then let us take your hand and lead you. We had to justify the training, go through all of your concerns, overcome your objections, and let YOU know that we understood. And because we had demonstrated success with other people who had achieved goals similar to their own, you can establish trust. That will allow you to take the step, cross the threshold, and be willing to try the new methods even if they seemed outlandish or different.

Here's a video on mentorship made by us:


Difference between a teacher and a mentor.



A teacher is a person who teaches you about things. A teacher is the person who takes the responsibility for your growth, they give you the things which you do not have but we required. They Answer your all questions and clear your doubts. For this Teacher requires obedience’s & discipline from the you. They prepare you for your outer Journey. They act as Guidance on every path of your Journey.

A teacher sends you on the Road of Success. They explain you about the world and its nature. They give the knowledge and boost your Ego. They instruct you by sharpen your mind. The teacher has ability to reaches on your mind. They instruct you how to solve problems by systematic thinking. One can always find a Teacher & When teacher finishes with you, you Celebrate.



Mentor is the person who makes you responsible for your growth. Mentor takes away the things which you have but you do not required. Mentor is the person who questions on your answer. For this mentor requires Trust & humanity from you. Mentor prepares you for your inner journey. He acts as a pointer on the way.

Mentor sends you on the road of freedom, by explaining you about yourself. Mentor gives you the knowledge and punctures your ego. He Construct you by open your Mind. Mentor touches your spirit by showing how to solve issues. He is the Lateral Thinker who finds and accepts us. Mentor leads you by giving the examples. When Mentor finishes with you, you’re Life Celebrates.