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I, Madhan Kumar would like to register my immense gratitude and honest thanks to ARISTOCRAT IT SOLUTIONS. They have provided me an opportunity for attending the workshop on topic Event Management. These two days were the turning point in my life. As I found myself and feel that there is huge difference between a leader and a successful person. My sincere thanks to Dr.MEENA who has been the lecturer, trainer and a personal mentor throughout the workshop. She treated me as an individual who had passion and all I needed was a push which she gave and this will definitely be the reason for my success in the future. Words fall short to describe the experience gained in two days. Specially thanks to DHARANI who took special segments and class on different topics. These two women are the asset which every company would want. A team of two highly talented and motivational woman who inspired me a lot. Ending with a note to kindly start inviting me for future workshop. One word for two days-“RESPECT”.

Hospitality Manager.(10/07/2016)
Workshop - Event Management
This Workshop was really useful, specially Dr.MEENA mam who detailed about each and every topic. I also request the management to give some hands on experience when you host events as practical training is required to shine in this event management industry.

Krishna Kumar
Event Manager (10/7/2016)
Workshop - Event Management
1) The session was excellent till morning to evening. 2) We get new ideas and new methods from Dharani mam. 3) I have done 2-3 workshops before but your session is excellent than 2-3 workshops. 4) Your Co-operation is very good as well as understanding is excellent. 5) In future if workshop is conducted in Maharashtra as well as Andhra then please inform me I will be always there.

Thanking you
Atul R. Toke (24/7/2016)
Workshop - Network Simulator2 (NS2)
This is S. Sreenivasu attended 2days workshop on NS2. The way workshop handled is good. Ms. Dharani conducted sessions effectively and I feel it will be useful for my research work. The workshop is good and benefited to me.

Workshop - Network Simulator2 (NS2)
The training session for the NS2 simulation with practical examples was excellent. Hope in future may I would participate. Note: The staff was very co-operative in handling the session

Prakash. S
Workshop - Network Simulator2 (NS2)

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