About us


Aristocrat Mentorship is a unit of Aristocrat it Solution Pvt Ltd.It is a Teaching and Research organization which aims to provide & organizing Business Development, Technology and Life Skill Workshop.

We constantly offer exciting and innovative programs relating to Business Management, Technology and Life skill Development. Our growing team of workshop leaders helps you to give the best knowledge and training for boosting your overall personality and knowledge. Our vision is to serve the best training and support which you are perfectly looking for.

What We Do in Aristocrat mentorship

  • Workshops Organizing
  • Mentoring
  • Boosting Confidence.
  • Developing the Personality
  • Delivering Expert Knowledge.

We offer Workshops for YOU

Business Development Workshop

A person with having a lot of money and man power doesn’t enough to running a successful Business. Along with this, entrepreneur needs to keep in mind certain things which help them while running a successful business management. We offer Business Development Workshop to boost and develop the business ethics which you needed most while handling the business opportunities.

Technology Workshops

The importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable. This is due to the fact that in today’s dynamic world, life without technology is meaningless. And that is why we organize various workshop including, Android App development, iOS Development, java development training, Digital Marketing, web designing and many more.

Life Skills Workshops

To deal with the increasing pace and change of modern life, you need to know the new life skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration. Our Life skills workshop helps you to take the right decisions, solve the problem logically, take care of their relationships and cope with the adverse situations.it also helps people, to learn the practical aspects while surviving in our day to day life.


These two days were the turning point in my life. As I found myself and feel that there is huge difference between a leader and a successful person. My sincere thanks to Dr.MEENA who has been the lecturer, trainer and a personal mentor throughout the workshop. She treated me as an individual who had passion and all I needed was a push which she gave and this will definitely be the reason for my success in the future. Words fall short to describe the experience gained in two days. Specially thanks to DHARANI who took special segments and class on different topics. These two women are the asset which every company would want. A team of two highly talented and motivational woman who inspired me a lot.


Hospitality Manager.

Workshop - Event Management (10/12/2016)

The session was excellent till morning to evening. We get new ideas and new methods from Dharani mam.I have done 2-3 workshops before but your session is excellent than 2-3 workshops. Your Co-operation is very good as well as understanding is excellent. In future if workshop is conducted in Maharashtra as well as Andhra then please inform me I will be always there.

Atul R. Toke


Workshop - Network Simulator2 (NS2)

The training session for the NS2 simulation with practical examples was excellent. Hope in future may I would participate. Note: The staff was very co-operative in handling the session.

Prakash. S


Workshop - Network Simulator2 (NS2)