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Certified Android App Development Workshop

Aristocrat technical mentorship series presents Android Application Development Workshop. It is an initiative of Aristocrat IT solutions (P) Ltd. It is a one day workshop.

If you have ever aspired to develop a mobile application, upload in play store and start earning, if you have ever wondered about the awesomeness of android application, this workshop is for you.

A little programming knowledge is sufficient to clearly understand and use Android OS for building your own Android application. You needn’t be a geek for it!

Our experienced mentor will take you on a journey from the basic design layouts to complex layouts and finally building apps.

If you have ever aspired to develop a mobile application?

This is the golden period time to get into Mobile app development and specialize in Android programming.


Who can attend?

College students seeking employment in the mobile application development IT industry.

Academicians and staffs

Anyone is interested in Mobile application development.

Anyone interested in working in live projects or to develop their own mobile application

What will you Learn?

  • You will be able to develop your own android applications.
  • You will understand working of various android applications.
  • You are encouraged to think and come up with new application ideas.
  • Interactive lecture sessions.
  • Group discussions to encourage innovation.
  • Career guidance by experienced faculty.
  • Introduction to Mobile Application Development
  • Role of Android in mobile industry
  • Introduction to Android SDK and its setup
  • Building the Application Framework
  • Designing User Interfaces
  • Activities, Services, Intents, Broadcast Receivers
  • Resources, Menus, Content Providers, Dialogs, Notifications
  • Working with Data, Multimedia, Location
  • Publishing the developed application into Play Store

Why Android Workshop?

Dreaming of developing an Android App?
Looking for a complete career change?
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Learn how to use Android from beginner level to advanced techniques which are taught by experienced working professionals. With our Android App Development Workshop.
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