Events Management Workshop

An In-depth knowledge transfer on events and proven success formulas


Aristocrat Business Mentorship – Events Management workshop is a knowledge transfer initiative of Aristocrat IT Solutions (P) Ltd, to deliver a 3600 global perspective on Events Management. It is a two days workshop for go getters, action men, Event Managers, organizers, new aspirants who want to explore and bring success through events, Entrepreneurs, students and team builders.

The workshop aims in bringing about the skills and talents required to run a successful event and deliver in-depth knowledge on the industry secrets and business strategies to run a perfect event.

The workshop dissects the entire process of events, dwell into the psychology of event participants, marketing strategies, tactics and tailored factors to attract specific target audience. The workshop takes you on a experience which will be deeply engraved into your mind, empowering you to take action instantly.

Our experienced mentors in the field are ready to answer all your doubts and spend personalized time with you. These are the some of the stuffs you will be able to after the workshop.

Specifically you will be able to do the following stuffs after the workshop, effective budgeting , competitor analysis, prepare viable quotes, process automation for customized events, human and other resources attaining, advertising and promotions doing a feasibility analysis, market analysis, vendor management, production and project management strategies, artist management and detailed licensing and legal aspects.

Your Takeaways

  • An in depth knowledge and specific strategies of business and event planning.

  • You will be part of a sound, vibrant and young entrepreneurial network.

  • Free reference materials will be given.

  • Post workshop support and access to many free seminars.

  • A benefit of learning from the experts.

  • A blueprint for creating a new event.

  • A certificate of participation.

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This course is ideal for


Upcoming enthusiasts looking to enter the event management industry

Current event managers, who want to hone their skills

Industry professionals looking to expand and/or update their expertise

Anyone who has been asked to manage events “on the fly”.

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