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iOS Workshop

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Why IOS?
From business tasks to playing games, iPhone applications are used widely for several purposes. It is greatly used today for accessing, surfing, communication, and to make ease of business tasks. Ios is the widespread os platform for mobile application development that has been popular worldwide. With iPhone app development, brand awareness for a brand could be enhanced with the included features like videos, demos, offers, and support for customers. This iPhone app development acts as an excellent method to improve truthful customer base with focused branding. It’s much essential to be in sync with the most recent technological advancements that are made from time to time
This IOS development workshop provides clear knowledge about iPhone app development for iPhone and iPad. Workshop will be addressed by industry experts.
Workshop Objectives:
• Our focus on Objective-C, Xcode, cocoa and Apple's iOS App Development with Swift systems guarantees you'll get the very best iOS knowledge.
• Our goal is not only to make you code quickly.
• We’ll also help you receive a solid understanding of how things work under the covers so you can continue learning on your own.
• You’ll come away with practical, hands-on skills in designing and implementing well-engineered iPhone iPad and iPod apps.
• You’ll gain a level of insight that’s essential to resolving bugs, memory leaks, and other development issues.
Workshop Syllabus:
• Simple iPhone application.
• Creating Xcode project for iPhone.
• IOS interface builder.
• Declaring instance variable in IOS.
• Model-View-Controller in IOS.
• Setting connections in IOS.
• IOS application lifecycle.
• IOS data types.

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