Ns2 Workshop

Real-time Software Development Workshop Using JAVA & J2EE.

Dreaming of becoming a JAVA/J2EE developer?
Wish to develop distributed applications?
Have an aim to work in IT only as a JAVA developer for a bright career within a short time?
Like to have real-time professional experts as a trainer?
Need advanced practical exercises after finishing every topic?
Take a step to move forward well in your future by picking our software development workshop with our professional, experienced faculty, and we care about your goal and get started now by making your dream into reality.

Want to become a Professional JAVA Developer?

In the future, we will make you as an excellent software developer by providing a clear view of the topics and its concepts. Your learning will be in the hands of professional software developers who will train you with several practical assignments.


Software Development Workshop Using JAVA & J2EE objectives

We will make you expert in the design, development, and management of Java-based applications.

Help you to write efficient and testable code.

We develop your skill to transform requirements into stipulations.

We will help you to find opportunities within the current software platform.

To develop project management skills, this helps java developer when reporting to the project manager.

Make you clear about the concepts and strong in fundamentals.

What Will You Learn?

a) Basic syntax and terminology.
b) Core Java module begins with introduction to java, OOPS concepts, semantics, multi-threading, constructors, GUI programming, exception handling, applets, etc.
c) Servlet, framework, JDBC, JQUERY, JSP and much mor
d) You will understand the pros and cons of Java and J2EE
e) You will understand the design patterns and its usage.
f) Basic understanding of XML and MVC framework.
g) You will have a good knowledge about web application server.

Why Java/J2EE Development Workshop?

Want to become a Professional JAVA Developer?
Looking for a complete career change?
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Learn how to use Java from beginner level to advanced techniques which are taught by experienced working professionals. With our Java/J2EE Development Workshop.
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