Basic Photography


Photography is a famous profession in the world. Learn the fundamentals of photography from the expert professionals. Learn the art and science behind your DSLR equipment and much more. Master the fundamentals in your fingertips. Take a new avatar as a photographer. Enroll now to change you future. Photography is an art as well as science. This workshop unravels both to a deeper understanding.

Who can attend

Hobbyist photographer
Anyone interested can attend.



  • Make technically sound and beautifully pleasing images.

  • Use diverse techniques to accomplish unfamiliar and outstanding results.

  • Let us help you make the basis. So you may build a fine-looking memorial.

  • Commonly rock using your camera!

  • Registration Fee: Rs.2500

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Syllabus - Basic Photography Workshop


1. Basics of DSLR camera

2. Principle of operation

3. Advantage of Digital photography

4. Types of Camera

5. Types of Exposure

6. Exposure Triangle

7. Aperture and DOF

8. Shutter speed and Action control

9. ISO and Noise

10. Function of Lens

11. Types of Lens

12. Focal Length.

13. Filters in Photography

14. Types of Sensor

15. Full frame and Cropped sensor.

16. Crop factor.

17. White balance

18. Auto focus and Manual focus

19. Camera menu settings

20. Memory cards.

21. Metering modes

22. Inbuilt flash function

23. Composition rules.

24. How to practice it.

25. Technical terms.

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